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Release Date: 2020-08-14
Catalog No: SC409
Label: Secretly Canadian

Following their acclaimed sophomore album Forever Turned Around, Whitney have returned with Candid, a 10-song collection boasting covers of artists like Kelela, David Byrne, John Denver, SWV, and more. Whitney decided to challenge themselves, finding their favorite songs that also fell outside of their musical comfort zone.

Candid is available both digitally and physically on August 14 via Secretly Canadian. Along with the releases of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ and ‘Rain’, the latest single covers The Roches’ “Hammond Song” off of their eponymous 1979 debut album.

"This could've been as simple as saying we really love these songs and we love our bandmates and making a covers record just felt right but it truly became an exploration into how we can evolve as a band going forward,” says drummer and singer Julien Ehrlich.

"We both discovered 'Hammond Song' because Chris Coady sent it to us years ago as a reference for recording when we were making the last Smith Westerns record. It became a song that was always around for us and then we showed it to the rest of the band. This cover is the longest Whitney recording ever and pretty much everything you hear on it is totally live, save for the horns and the slide solo. For a five minute song, if you mess up one part you have to do the whole thing live all over again."
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4. All items also available separately.
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