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Release Date: 2021-03-26
Catalog No: SC373
Label: Secretly Canadian

It’s the blue that hits you first. A deep, dark but ambiguous light, bathing the passionate embrace between two lovers in familiarity and newness. You wouldn’t immediately know that you’re looking at two women, or that the piece was conceived as a rework of Rodin’s The Kiss. But you’ll have certainly felt something like that blue, and on second album forevher – a title entwining ‘for her’, ‘forever’ and ‘forever her’ – Shura colours those classic images of love and self in bold new shades. It’s the multiplicity of love that drew Shura to make an album that dissolves boundaries of gender or sexuality in acknowledging that feeling - the one we all know, when we feel it. Listen to forevher, and you will feel it too.
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