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Wesley Joseph


Release Date: 2023-04-21
Catalog No: SC461lp-C1
Label: Secretly Canadian

With his previous project Ultramarine an introduction to a multi-hyphenate talent that encompasses music, film, art and fashion - Wesley Joseph takes off the mask for his new project GLOW, and shares his most personal work to date. The collection of songs is more raw, honest and vulnerable; creating a world where the emotional stakes are as equally prominent to his considered and idiosyncratic aesthetics. The new space is one to get lost in, demonstrating the beauty in its own contrasts. Simple whilst also complex, the record is heart wrenchingly deep yet accompanied with euphoric highs - and following his background in film provides a gripping and reassuring escape. GLOW is an environment in which the unworldly feels close to home and sits the bone chilling next to the harmonious. With a keen cinematic feel, it dives into the melancholy and finds nostalgia and warmth - contemplating the sweat of youth, life and love in the magic of the nights unknown. It’s a contemporary listen which points to the future, as Wesley unapologetically bends genres with unwavering precision - further reaffirming the DNA of him as an artist. At once a sonically bold, electrifying, psychedelic and romantic listen, GLOW’s story unfolds with lyrical poignancy, as avant-garde rap meets swooning falsettos; reflecting on the light in the dark and stretching his vocal presence further again. Self-produced with collaborators including A.K. Paul, Dave Okumu, Emil, Harvey Dweller, Leon Vynehall, Lexxx and Sam Beste, GLOW is perhaps best understood with the lyrics of its closing credits.

“Sweet pain, sustained in the moment of a last kiss
sun kissed songs of the night’”

Discussing the project, Wesley offered the following.

I made this record in a much shorter time, There was just as much care put into it as my first project but it was more an intense flow of emotions and colours, I didn’t conceptualise as much before the paint was on the canvas, I allowed my feelings to lead. The creative foundations of ULTRAMARINE gave me the confidence to feel first and get lost in the music. All the feelings of discomfort and fear I owned,,and it inspired a new flame and curiosity. This record was therapeutic for me and I needed to make it to express where I am as a human. It feels closer and more intimate but also more euphoric and unworldly at the same time. This was an escape for thats help me grow.
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