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Angel Olsen

All Mirrors

Release Date: 2019-10-04
Catalog No: JAG344
Label: Jagjaguwar

All LP pre-orders are 2xLP and come with a 12 page photo booklet and 24”x36” pullout poster.

The descent into darkness is a trope we find time again across history, literature and film. But there’s also an abyss above. There’s a winding white staircase that goes ever upward into the great unknown — each step, each turn, requiring a greater boldness and confidence than the one before. This is the journey on which we find Angel Olsen.

Olsen's artistic beginnings as a collaborator shifted seamlessly to her magnificent, cryptic-to-cosmic solo work, and then she formed bands to play her songs, and her stages and audiences grew exponentially. But all along, Olsen was more concerned with a different kind of path, and on her vulnerable, Big Mood new album, 'All Mirrors,' we can see her taking an introspective deep dive towards internal destinations and revelations. In the process of making this album, she found a new sound and voice, a blast of fury mixed with hard won self-acceptance.
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Standard formats

(Opaque Aquamarine LP)
Sold Out

Limited edition bundles

1. All Mirrors on limited edition exclusive opaque aquamarine vinyl. The 2xLP in old style tip-on gatefold sleeve with silver foil includes a 12 page photo booklet and 24”x36” pullout poster.
2. All Mirrors 7” on silver with black splatter vinyl. Includes “All Mirrors” album version & “We Are All Mirrors” solo version.
3. All Mirrors on CD in 6-panel wallet
4. Instant download of “All Mirrors"
5. Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s) redeemable on release day
Sold Out

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