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Secretly Society is our spin on a classic idea - the record club. The pitch is simple. One record, in an exclusive, Secretly Society vinyl color, shipped to your door every month. Oh yeah, and shipping is included. find out more.

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April 2022 Secretly Society Album

Giving The World Away (Society Exclusive)

Label: Secretly Canadian

Secretly Society Exclusive Strawberry Shortcake Splash Vinyl. Released on April 22nd.

Giving the World Away tells a story of confidence found, as Hatchie unifies themes of trust, ambition, love and self-realization by embracing vulnerability as a strength. “It’s the concept of giving your heart away,” says Hatchie’s Harriette Pilbeam, “putting everything on the line...the entire album is really me realising that I actually need to do that in order to grow and accept myself.” Its story comes to life in the way it’s told: new songs are intentionally glossy and hi-fi, joyful and arena-sized in sound, articulating Pilbeam’s newfound strength and certainty. In fact, Giving the World Away is a record intentionally built for everyone’s empowerment, telling Pilbeam’s personal story while also inviting it in others to move from the personal to the public, taking the intimate and making it visible . “My last record I wanted people to sing along to,” she says. “This one was more about something you can move to. After kind of floating through young adulthood, I realised a lot of the things I'd been missing out on by under-appreciating myself. It's led me to making different decisions not only in regards to my music but also my personal life, the way I dress, the way I socialise, the way I treat my body etc.” Giving the World Away is about finally finding one’s footing, embracing visibility, and moving past fear of the future to welcome its bigger decisions and higher stakes.
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March 2022 Secretly Society Album

Songs: Ohia - Live: Vanquishers Blue Vinyl

Songs: Ohia
Label: Secretly Canadian

Secretly Canadian proudly announce Static & Distance, the new official Jason Molina fan community, aiming to provide a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the life and work of a generation-defining artist.

Along with it, we are releaseing Live: Vanquishers, a new Songs: Ohia live LP recorded in Tilburg, Netherlands on October 9th, 2000. The LP, on limited Blue Vinyl, will be available via the fan community and Secretly Society exclusively, marking the first release via Static & Distance, with much more to come.

Side A
01. Nobody Tries That Hard Anymore
02. Are We Getting Any Closer
03. Tigress

Side B
04. Being In Love
05. VU Anxiety
06. Cabwaylingo

Side C
07. Lioness
08. It Won’t Be Easy
09. She Came To Me As A Ghost

Slide D
10. The Black Crow
11. Come Back To Your Man
12. Translation

Alongside exclusive or early access to vinyl releases of unheard live and studio recordings from across Molina’s towering work, subscribers to Static & Distance will be able to access untold stories, lost photographs, rare live footage and much more via a twice-monthly Substack newsletter ‘No Limit On The Words’

Through Static & Distance, Secretly Canadian will be able to continue shedding light on the story and legacy of Jason Molina and his groundbreaking work across Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co and many other projects.

Over the next few months, Static & Distance will feature contributions from a number of Molina’s longtime friends, collaborators, bandmates and more including conversations and creative input from biographer and celebrated music journalist Erin Osmon, band members and collaborators including Jeff Panall, Dan MacAdam, Mike Brenner, Jennie Benford, Lawrence Peters as well as Gold Flake Paint founder and editor Tom Johnson and many others.

On Static & Distance, Ben Swanson, co-founder of Secretly Group, said:

“Jason created such an expansive universe across his recordings, writing, & artwork and his fans have wrapped an incredible community around his work. We created Static & Distance to give an opportunity for the long-time fan to dive deeper into his world as well as offer a new entry point of discovery for those that are coming in fresh. It's been a lot of fun going through Jason's archive, reconnecting & collaborating with old friends, not to mention exploring new ways of telling Jason's story. We absolutely love Jason's fans, they are so passionate about his music and have been incredible about keeping his legacy alive. We have a ton of ideas and couldn't be more excited to go on this journey with them.”
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Members Only

Secretly Society members gain access to these limited-edition items…and many more


The record club reinvented

Secretly Society is our spin on a classic idea - the record club. The pitch is simple. One record, in an exclusive, Secretly Society vinyl color, shipped to your door every month. Oh yeah, and shipping is included.


Yes. Yes it is.


Expect a mix of new artists, established vets, and important represses from our extensive Secretly Group back catalog, featuring the best of Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, and Secretly Canadian. See the already-announced albums above!


Yikes! Hate seems a bit strong. We would recommend you at least give it another, fresh listen. If you are absolutely sure you'll hate it, that's totally fine. We offer an opportunity to "Skip" a month's album and go to the next one. You get 1 Skip every 6 months, so use it wisely. To use your Skip email us at


Great question. You receive your first album the month after you join, as soon as the calendar flips. So, no matter whether you sign up on September 1st or September 30th, the first record you receive will be in October. Shortly after subscriptions close on the 1st of the month, we begin shipping that month’s albums, and we'll usually be able to send out all Secretly Society shipments in the first full week of a given month. All of that adds up to US customers receiving their records in the second week of the month and international customers in the third or fourth week. We understand that the Secretly Society timeline doesn't always play nicely with album release dates, so feel free to hit us up with questions at


Definitely. Here's how it works: you pay for the entire subscription up front, one time, shipping included. Cool, right? Then you have until your subscription ends to cancel your plan or it will auto-renew for another period. So, if you signed up for a 3 month subscription on August 15th, you have until November 15th to decline to renew your membership. Otherwise, we assume you're loving Secretly Society and want to continue.


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