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Secretly Society is our spin on a classic idea - the record club. The pitch is simple. One record, in an exclusive, Secretly Society vinyl color, shipped to your door every month. Oh yeah, and shipping is included. find out more.

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June 2019 Secretly Society Album


Black Mountain
Label: Jagjaguwar

June 2019 Secretly Society release on sky blue opaque vinyl.

Black Mountain’s Stephen McBean turned 16 after Woodstock but before Varg started burning down Norwegian churches. And yet, until just two short years ago, McBean had lived his entire adolescent and adult life without a proper driver’s license, that first and most coveted ticket to personal independence. When he did finally take the wheel in 2017, he essentially became a Sixteen Year Old for the first time, blowing out the doors off the DMV like a pyrotechnics display at a W.A.S.P. gig. Black Mountain’s new album, Destroyer, named after the discontinued single-run 1985 Dodge Destroyer muscle car, is imbued with all that wild-ass freedom and newfound agency (and anxiety and fear) that comes with one's first time behind the wheel. Collectively, there’s a renewed vitality to Black Mountain on Destroyer — a seasoned, veteran of heady hard rock that’s found new, young muscles to flex and roads to explore.
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May 2019 Secretly Society Album

Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free

Label: Dead Oceans

May 2019 Secretly Society release on red, white, and blue transparent edition

"Records like this are why we started Dead Oceans. It was the mid-2000s, and a real creative energy was pouring out of Brooklyn. Akron/Family were drinking the same lysergic Kool-Aid as their Brooklyn neighbors -- Animal Collective was hitting their stride, Grizzly Bear was emerging, Black Dice expanded beyond their hardcore and noise beginnings, and Dirty Projectors moved in with a reinvigorated lineup that made their shows a thing of legend.

Akron/Family quickly gained acclaim for their their psychedelic recordings and singular live performance. The band pulled inspiration from many musical constellations — 60s folk, avant-jazz, the Grateful Dead, psychedelic rock - full of harmony and discordance, together. They were our favorite band to see live, and their first few albums defined our record collections at that time.

So, when the opportunity to release 'Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free' came along, it was a huge deal for us. From the opening notes of “Everyone Is Guilty” to the final moments of “Last Year,” it’s an album that takes you on a true journey. It felt like an instant cult classic — an album that secured a place in our hearts and our collections forever." - Phil Waldorf, Dead Oceans
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Members Only

Secretly Society members gain access to these limited-edition items…and many more


The record club reinvented

Secretly Society is our spin on a classic idea - the record club. The pitch is simple. One record, in an exclusive, Secretly Society vinyl color, shipped to your door every month. Oh yeah, and shipping is included.


Yes. Yes it is.


Expect a mix of new artists, established vets, and important represses from our extensive Secretly Group back catalog, featuring the best of Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, and Secretly Canadian. See the already-announced albums above!


Yikes! Hate seems a bit strong. We would recommend you at least give it another, fresh listen. If you are absolutely sure you'll hate it, that's totally fine. We offer an opportunity to "Skip" a month's album and go to the next one. You get 1 Skip every 6 months, so use it wisely. To use your Skip email us at


Great question. You receive your first album the month after you join, as soon as the calendar flips. So, no matter whether you sign up on September 1st or September 30th, the first record you receive will be in October. Shortly after subscriptions close on the 1st of the month, we begin shipping that month’s albums, and we'll usually be able to send out all Secretly Society shipments in the first full week of a given month. All of that adds up to US customers receiving their records in the second week of the month and international customers in the third or fourth week. We understand that the Secretly Society timeline doesn't always play nicely with album release dates, so feel free to hit us up with questions at


Definitely. Here's how it works: you pay for the entire subscription up front, one time, shipping included. Cool, right? Then you have until your subscription ends to cancel your plan or it will auto-renew for another period. So, if you signed up for a 3 month subscription on August 15th, you have until November 15th to decline to renew your membership. Otherwise, we assume you're loving Secretly Society and want to continue.


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