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The Secretly affiliates are proud to join others in the independent music industry in taking action to stem the tide of climate change.

In honor of our 25th anniversary in 2021 we reckoned with our role in contributing to climate change and put our efforts and energy behind crafting a sustainability plan where we outlined our path towards carbon neutrality and ultimately becoming climate positive.

This sustainability plan was our first move from awareness to action

We annually calculate our carbon footprint—or GHG emissions inventory—to measure progress towards our goal of being climate positive by 2026.

This plan builds on our early efforts to lower our carbon footprint by:

- minimizing product packaging (eliminating most plastic jewel cases on Secretly Group releases in 2009)
- operating strict pressing rules to avoid overstocks of CDs and vinyl
- recycling unsold formats / packaging
- installing a solar array at our main office

Moving forward, we commit to further slash our carbon emissions by:

- investing in energy efficiency throughout our buildings
- assessing opportunities to replace natural gas equipment with electric options
- measuring and reducing our scope 3 emissions
- switching to 100% renewable energy
- being a founder investor and user in IMPALA’s bespoke Carbon Calculator for the music industry

For emissions that we cannot directly reduce, we will continue to purchase high-quality third-party certified carbon offsets, and invest in making our supply chain more sustainable. We are committed to be a positive force for change in the face of climate change, and hope that our action will inspire others.

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