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Catfish Haven


Release Date: 2008-10-07
Catalog No: SC147
Label: Secretly Canadian

It's a question asked by anyone and everyone who pays attention to popular music; who is making music today that will be the classic rock of tomorrow. It's a tough question to answer when considering the bastion of classic rock; Rolling Stones, Eagles, Rod Stewart et al. But there is still something exciting to discover when you dig into the periphery of the standard canon. Consider the catalogs of bands that perpetually exist in that fringe. Bands like Foghat, Traffic and Free. Their discographies still contain gems to behold. Now consider Catfish Haven. They are a band that is hard to pigeonhole, regardless of all of our attempts. Catfish Haven is a band than been appropriately paired with future classic rock contenders like My Morning Jacket, Magnolia Electric Co., The Hold Steady, Lucero and Eli Reed & The True Loves. A testament to their unclassifiable, yet broad appeal, as evidenced by Devastator's in the pocket title track, organic glitterball jam "Set In Stone" and bittersweet barn burner "Full Speed" In the spirit of Kiss' Destroyer, ZZ Top's Eliminator, and Lou Reed's Transformer, introducing Catfish Haven's Devastator.
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