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The Explorers Club

Do You Love Me? b/w Carry Me

Release Date: 2008-04-08
Catalog No: DOC006
Label: Dead Oceans

In the age of the MP3, flavors of the month circulate far faster than Baskin Robbins can rotate their cooler. It is refreshing, then, to hear something timeless every now and again, and the Explorers Club is just that. This is sunny psychedelic pop replete with lush arrangements and cushy four-part harmonies that harken back to a decade long ago, when kids turned on their FM radios to find the cool new thing. These boys are not indie-rockers thieving from the vaults of the classics the Explorers Club writes pop songs that sound as authentic as if they had actually just been unearthed for a new Nuggets collection or Sundazed reissue. The band draws on the soul-satisfying vocal style made famous by the Beach Boys and the Association, and pairs it with arrangements patented by the likes of Phil Spector, the Left Banke and the Zombies. And like their musical heroes, the Explorers Club understands the meaning of a great single. With that in mind, we are pleased to share "Do You Love Me" the first jewel from their forthcoming album, Freedom Wind. "Do You Love Me" dabbles in Brian Wilson-esque majestic pop, while the exclusive B-side, "Carry Me" has flourishes of doo-wop and soul amidst its choral pop.
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