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Dream Get Together

Release Date: 2010-01-26
Catalog No: DOC038
Label: Dead Oceans

Citay makes a joyous return on Dream Get Together, the San Francisco cosmic wanderers' expansive third full-length album. Many of the touchstones from Citay's previous work remain intact - flourishes of Led Zeppelin, Eno/Fripp, Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Popul Vuh and ELO can be heard throughout - but a newfound swagger pushes Dream Get Together way over the top. Seldom has there been a more obvious choice for an album opener than "Careful With That Hat," a song propelled by a deep groove and swing that practically begs the listener to stand up and air-drum wildly. The vocals soar, the lead guitars catch fire and the mammoth solo (courtesy of guitarist Josh Pollock) builds to an ecstatic explosion. One highlight of Dream Get Together is "Mirror Kisses," a song Feinberg wrote specifically for guest vocalist Merrill Garbus (of Tune-Yards) to sing in three-part harmony with Harbour and Press of Citay. With the soaring Ebow guitars and vocal harmonies, "Mirror Kisses" is Citay at its most lush and melodic. In contrast, "Hunter" is Citay at its most excessive - a triumphant instrumental anthem that somehow bridges the gap between Klaus Schulze and The Scorpions. This is the shot across the bow. Citay have arrived on Dream Get Together.
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