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Release Date: 2011-04-16
Catalog No: SC238
Label: Secretly Canadian

A Record Store Day exclusive, Yeasayer's "END BLOOD" presents two new, unreleased tracks from the ODD BLOOD sessions. If All Hour Cymbals was Yeasayer's attempt at global and ambient cultural mash-up then ODD BLOOD takes place in an off-world colony sometime after the Singularity. Glimmering reverb haze is eschewed and replaced by a cavalcade of disorienting pitch effects and flickering ectoplasmic wisps. Instead of layered vocal harmonies the processed vocals congeal into blots and blobs of otherworldly chatter. Many organic elements are left behind and replaced by sounds and rhythms that inspire the body as much as the mind. At times Yeasayer sound as if they would be at home playing live in scene from Blade Runner or inside one of Oscar Neimeyer's concrete modernist temples from the 1960s.
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