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Heaven Is Over

Release Date: 2020-12-11
Catalog No: JAG376
Label: Jagjaguwar

*Available digitally from Sept 25; physical out Dec 11*

Following a decade of output with some of electronic music's most revered labels, not to mention also being credited for production work with artists ranging from Sampha to David Byrne, Bullion has found a unique position within electronic music. Latest track ‘Yawn’, taken from the forthcoming EP Heaven Is Over, is a wondrous display of how his laid back production style manages to tap into something far deeper. Full of yearning and richness, there’s also a meditative quality through its repetitive ideas. Although, in classic Bullion style, it’s as hard to pin down as ever, and serves as a reminder of the distinctive world the producer has carved out for himself.
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(Crystal Clear Vinyl)

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