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New Material

Release Date: 2018-03-23
Catalog No: JAG320
Label: Jagjaguwar

Preoccupations’ songs have always worked through themes of creation, destruction, and futility, and they’ve always done it with singular post-punk grit. The textures are evocative and razor-sharp. The wire is always a live one. But while that darker side may have been well-explored, that’s not quite the same as it being fully, intensely lived. This time it was, and the result is New Material, a collection that broadens and deepens. Preoccupations to a true mastery of their sound. In it lies the difference between witnessing a car crash and crashing your own, between jumping into an ocean and starting to swallow the water. New Material builds a world for that feeling, playing through its layers and complexities while hiding almost nothing. That inscrutable side is part of the magic, here, and a necessary counterweight to the straight-jab clarity of Matt Flegel’s lyrics. You can deep-dive the lyrics or zone into a riff; you can face it or you can get lost in it.
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(Black Vinyl)
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(Grey/Black Streaked Vinyl)
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Limited edition bundles

1. Preoccupations 'New Material' LP on black vinyl
2. Preoccupations/Protomartyr “Telemtry at Howe Bridge” 7"

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