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Record in Red

Release Date: 2001-09-17
Catalog No: SC035
Label: Secretly Canadian

Marmoset's RECORD IN RED is full of apples and cherries. With this, their second full-length, Marmoset have released a near masterwork of pop pleasure. Indeed, the 13 songs on RECORD IN RED vary widely in style and sound, ranging from the Church-like acoustic stylings of "Golden Cloak" and "Torn Cup, Fly Up Above", the FAITH-era Cure tone of "Walking Thru The Lake", the moody pop melodies resembling Richard Davies' work with the Moles, the haunting confessional of "December 4th", the epic dementia of "Summertime Is Easy", to the Kim Deal inspired "Frendamine". Every song is decidedly different than the one before, but the album hangs together with a neurotic thread so fine that it's completely invisible to the gallery. One can't help but wonder how much vocalist/songwriter/bassist Jorma Whittaker's childhood as son to "Whitey" Whittaker, Rush's official tour bus driver from 1976-94, had an effect on him and his skewed perspective of pop music. Of course there's almost no resemblance between Marmoset and the Canadian champions of stadium rock, but Jorma was the first teenager ever to hear Rush's "new wave" album SIGNALS, as Geddy played him the final mix on their tour bus when Jorma was just 12 years old. While the rest of the world's twelve year olds were listening to Air Supply and Olivia Newton-John in their parents' station wagon, Jorma was in the hotel pool on Neil Peart's shoulders making a scene or flipping through 8-tracks on the tour bus. Ok, so anybody already familiar with Marmoset knows to expect something fresh & interesting. Having been compared to Syd Barrett, David Bowie, the Chills and the Go-Betweens, on RECORD IN RED Marmoset assert themselves to be among the finest purveyors of mood music for folks who like to burrow themselves in their room with a cat, a record and whatever may be lurking in their medicine cabinet. Whittaker, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dave Jablonski, drummer Jason Cavan & producer/guitarist Lonpaul Ellrich have created their most realized and satisfying album to date -- which they prefer to be heard "loud and alone."
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