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Seeing Other People

Release Date: 2019-04-26
Catalog No: JAG327
Label: Jagjaguwar

Seeing Other People is curiously positioned as Foxygen’s most recent last-ever album. With every album the band dies; with every album the band is reborn. But unlike the last-ever Foxygen albums before it, this one seems to have a self-effacing bittersweetness to it that signifies some sort of passing; some sort of white flag. But it SOUNDS in no way like a band giving up. It has experiments in tone and genre the likes of which we’ve not heard on a Foxygen record since ….Starpower?; since 21st Century?; since Take the Kids??? The album is filled with self-referential tales of touring, partying, of being young and in a band, and saying farewell to the grittier, darker aspects of it all. As Sam France says, “I remember a quote from Rado sticking with the press a few years ago about how we’d lived every rock n roll cliche in, about, one year. Well, here’s the album about it.”
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Standard formats

(Black Vinyl)

Limited edition bundles

Seeing Other People limited deluxe 2xLP on pink vinyl. It includes the full album and demos LPs in a gatefold jacket with alternate artwork.
Pink 2xLP
Seeing Other People bundle will include limited edition 2xLP with an exclusive LP of demos both on pink vinyl, CD, and one of two t-shirts randomly allocated, featuring a portrait of one (but not both!) of Foxygen's two founding members.

1. Seeing Other People limited deluxe 2xLP on pink vinyl. LPs include the full album + Seeing Other People demos.
2. Seeing Other People CD
3. T-shirt with a randomly allocated portrait of Sam France OR Jonathan Rado
4. Digital download code for the album (containing 320kbps MP3s) redeemable on release day
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