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Music Go Music

Warm In The Shadows

Release Date: 2009-01-20
Catalog No: SC176
Label: Secretly Canadian

'Warm in the Shadows' rounds out the trio of three-song 12"s that Music Go Music have released over the course of 2008. It's both a fitting end-piece to the trilogy, and a remarkable expansion of the group's sonic and emotional breadth. There is a casual, but undeniable magic to these songs, and it flows around and out of each note of every melody. Title song 'Warm in the Shadows' is dance music, as envisioned by a group with a greater allegiance to pop archetypes than to the hymns of the dance-floor. Its a step in a different direction; an invitation to shake coupled with a gentle evocation of the pain of wrecked love ("what kind of heart would break so easy as my own"). It's a case history and a cure for both the lovesick and the lovesick-to-be. The B-side offers up stories of exotic depravity consuming itself in ways both savage and deceptively elegant. The gypsy rhythms of 'Thousand Crazy Nights' undergird a tale of dog-piled revelers instructed to "feel with your face, let eyes be your hands" whilst "trapped in desire's agro dance." 'Love, Violent Love' is a psychedelic voyage through a land of raving mobs who "spiral past control" once their love is at last requited. This collection of songs is further proof of the power of the transformative embrace in which Music Go Music holds what is dear to them, and the singular vision that they impart to it.
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