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Release Date: 2010-06-08
Catalog No: SC217
Label: Secretly Canadian

The raw appeal and romanticization of their look and biography is now an afterglow. The audacity of their sound is familiar to music fans around the world. It's a new year and what we've got is the band back home in Johannesburg, steady gigging and gearing up for the performance at the opening ceremony at the world's biggest sporting event, taking place in BLK JKS' backyard. The World Cup. This is the sort of moment for which BLK JKS were built. While FIFA may have already selected its theme song for the Cup, we'll let you in on a secret. The unofficial anthem - the song kids in Soweto are singing on their way to matches - is not something imported or made for the moment. It has lived there, waiting for the world to turn its ears to South Africa, just now. Secretly Canadian is stoked to present you with ZOL!, the new BLK JKS ep just in time for The World Cup.
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