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Porcelain Raft

Unless You Speak From Your Heart b/w Something In Between

Release Date: 2012-02-21
Catalog No: SC258
Label: Secretly Canadian

Porcelain Raft's thesis statement hits when side B kicks off with "Unless You Speak From Your Heart." Remiddi's enigmatic vocals carrying a hook so simple that you might think you sang it first; keys and bass that might make the needle jump off of your turntable; and a sense of raw sincerity that has come to trademark Remiddi's songs is what ultimately resonates. The b-side, "Something In Between," with it's shimmering Cocteau Twins guitar line, cleft bass, and colorful reverb is the gentlest of tornados. One that's sturdy enough to pick you up & take you for a spin but at, the end, sits you back down leaving you feeling like you just had your first Summer romance.
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