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The Panoply Academy Glee Club
Release Date: 1998-07-01
Catalog No: SC019
Label: Secretly Canadian

In the keeping with the spirit of Indiana's punk past, the Panoply Academy Glee Club surpass expectations in music and performance. The unaware may scratch their heads and wonder what in Indiana could instigate this musical experimentation. One need only to look at the past to understand the Academy has been infested with the same spirit that flamed Hoosier forefathers MX-80 Sound, Dancing Cigarettes and the Gizmos. Originating in Bloomington during the spring of 1996, the Panoply Academy is composed of Nick Quagliara (bass and vocals), Ryan Hicks (drums) Bekkah Walker (samples, keyboards and vocals), Marty Sprowles (guitar and vocals) and Darin Glenn (vocals, guitar and trombone). Its members hailing from a long line of vital Indiana rock bands including Intro to Airlift, Pretty Pony, Guiseppe, Sway Kiss, Yellow Based Red, and the Yarnmarvins, the Panoply Academy know where it's been and have their sights set on where they want to go. In addition to the nine songs recorded with Mike Krassner at Truckstop in Chicago, RAH! contains twelve pieces of interwoven sound pastiches recorded by various means, individually and collaboratively among the band. Released in July, 1998.
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